New York Minute

[MANHATTAN] If I had a nickel for every person who has stopped me since becoming a parent to say “it goes by so fast… enjoy every minute!”… I would be rich. And if I’m being honest, it really annoyed me to hear this so often when I was in the throws of the newborn vortex, sleep deprived, juggling babies and hadn’t showered in days. But… it really does. They are right, and all my clients with older kids will attest to it. I’m starting to feel it now.

Even crazier is to see how fast my clients kids are growing up. I shot with this family during my last trip to NY and these kids felt so little. Now, just a couple years later, they are taking the subway solo, shopping with their friends, texting… It’s wild.

So with that in mind, we decided to revisit some of the spots they used to frequent when their kids were just babes. We walked and talked and they told me stories. We took in the view by the water and hit the park where they used to climb rocks. It was super special and a perfect way to conclude my NY trip.




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Based in Los Angeles, California
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