tough as a mother

[BROOKLYN + MANHATTAN] I truly believe that nothing tests your strength more in life than children. Being a parent is such a glorious gift, but wow, do my kids test me on a daily basis. And, while I don’t always feel strong, the mothers (and fathers) I photograph are some of the toughest people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Frankly, sometimes I feel like just surviving each day is a win. And, so often we are so deep in it, that we are unable to see those tiny moments of love and tenderness our children bring, amidst the chaos of everyday life.

This is one of the reasons I believe documenting these times is so good for the soul, even if life feels like kind of a mess. (I speak from personal and professional experience.) No matter how rough the day feels and how many curveballs our children throw our way, there is always love and it will shine through even the heaviest of tears, if you look close enough.

This shoot started with a phone call from the mama saying her babes were refusing to nap all day, and then in natural photo-shoot-day fashion, they passed out right before I arrived. This happens more often than you’d think. She asked what I thought we should do, and since I was basically already at her house, we decided to wait it out. Yes, we were taking a gamble on what the mood would be like upon waking, but I knew we’d get good stuff no matter what.

To me, these images perfectly showcase the evolution of moods, the hard work and unconditional love of this mama, and the bond that the three of them have. And that, my friends, is a win.


Hello! I am so glad you're here. Thank you for taking the time to look at my work. There are few things in this world that make me happier than taking pictures. For me, the purest joy comes with creating art from everyday life.


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Based in Los Angeles, California
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