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In planning this session, this mama calls me up and says, ” I have an awesome idea”. Now, in my experience, this can either be a legit awesome idea, or it can make for a slightly awkward convo when I have to tell her it’s actually a pretty terrible idea. Which I will do. If it’s a legit “terrible” idea. Over-producing your kids session is actually always a bad idea.

Luckily, Kate is basically a creative mastermind for a living… Her pitch was something along the lines of, “let’s shoot it like it’s the morning after a big party and we’re cruisin around the beach relishing in what a great night we had, kind of like a Beyonce music video!”… I knew exactly what she meant, and actually loved the idea. A loose theme is always fun, I’m totally down and I knew she could pull off some pretty incredible outfits for the fam. It was simple and perfect, and it turned out kind of amazing.

So, here it is. Our after party shoot… but pretty much just like a Beyonce music video, right? haha… Schwo- - 1Schwo- - 2Schwo- - 3Schwo- - 4Schwo- - 5Schwo- - 6Schwo- - 7Schwo- - 8Schwo- - 9Schwo- - 10Schwo- - 11Schwo- - 12Schwo- - 13Schwo- - 14Schwo- - 15Schwo- - 16Schwo- - 17Schwo- - 18Schwo- - 19Schwo- - 20Schwo- - 21Schwo- - 22Schwo- - 23Schwo- - 24Schwo- - 25Schwo- - 26Schwo- - 27Schwo- - 28Schwo- - 29Schwo- - 30Schwo- - 31Schwo- - 32Schwo- - 33Schwo- - 34



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Based in Los Angeles, California
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