first comes love, then comes marriage…| pt 2

… then comes baby in the baby carriage! Capturing this time for these two incredible people was so special. Seeing my best friend Frank become a father, and one of the best I’ve truly seen, is something that will be burned in my heart forever. Not to mention, Lisa is super mom. They are both just nailing this parenthood thing, it’s kind of ridiculous… Anyway, the joy and warmth I feel when I think about this family, almost makes my heart literally explode with happiness. How far we have all come in life, and our relationships, it’s pretty amazing.

I was just wrapping up another shoot when I got the text that Franklin Prather IV, aka Four, had arrived. I dropped everything and headed to the hospital to meet the little guy. I was able to capture him/them at just 5 hours new and wow was it special to be a part of it all. Thank you, Frank and Lisa, for inviting me into your lives time and time again, to capture these life-changing moments. It is an honor.

Also, Frank is a amazingly skilled comedy writer, so make sure to check out his blog Bad Ass Dad – it’s hilarious, sweet and def worth a read.prather-matnb-01prather-matnb-02prather-matnb-03prather-matnb-04prather-matnb-05prather-matnb-06prather-matnb-07prather-matnb-08prather-matnb-09prather-matnb-10prather-matnb-11prather-matnb-12prather-matnb-13prather-matnb-14prather-matnb-15prather-matnb-16prather-matnb-17prather-matnb-18prather-matnb-19prather-matnb-20prather-matnb-21prather-matnb-22prather-matnb-23prather-matnb-24prather-matnb-25prather-matnb-26prather-matnb-27prather-matnb-28prather-matnb-29prather-matnb-30prather-matnb-31prather-matnb-32prather-matnb-33prather-matnb-34prather-matnb-35prather-matnb-36prather-matnb-37prather-matnb-38



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