first comes love, then comes marriage…| pt 1

[LAS VEGAS] A few months into planning their wedding, Lisa and Frank found out they were expecting. I still remember the moment they told me. We were playing on the beach with my (then) 1 yr old, as we watched a giant thunderstorm roll in overhead, and boom, they dropped the bomb… right as we were forced to pack our things and run at lightning speed to dodge, well, actual lightning… They were going to have a baby!!! But first, a wedding!

They had already decided they wanted to do a wedding “day-after” shoot, but the timing worked out so we were able to make it their gender reveal shoot as well. I had to separate their feature into a two parter, because naturally, we then did a maternity session and newborn pics. Enjoy!prather-wed-01prather-wed-02prather-wed-03prather-wed-04prather-wed-05prather-wed-06prather-wed-07prather-wed-08prather-wed-09prather-wed-10prather-wed-11prather-wed-12prather-wed-13prather-wed-14prather-wed-15prather-wed-16prather-wed-17prather-wed-18prather-wed-19prather-wed-20prather-wed-21prather-wed-22prather-wed-23prather-wed-24prather-wed-25prather-wed-26prather-wed-27prather-wed-28prather-wed-29prather-wed-30prather-wed-31prather-wed-32prather-wed-33prather-wed-34prather-wed-35prather-wed-36


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Based in Los Angeles, California
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