popsicle party

The women I’ve met since becoming a mom are some of my nearest and dearest. Not only because we have shared in this journey of motherhood, but also because our babes are all besties now. They are all turning 2 and really starting to interact and have conversations, it’s such a fun age. Nina and Henry share a birthday, and my little, Ven, is the day after so we decided to make it easy on all our friends and do one giant party to celebrate.  I couldn’t resist sharing these snaps from the shoot we did for their birthday party invitation. We styled them in vintage getups and made some organic OJ popsicles, which were a sure fire way to keep them all sitting, at least for a moment. These pictures make me super excited for the warm summer nights ahead… We “spring forward” this weekend, so we’re one step closer! Popsicle_01Popsicle_02Popsicle_03Popsicle_04Popsicle_05Popsicle_06Popsicle_07Popsicle_08Popsicle_09Popsicle_10Popsicle_11Popsicle_12Popsicle_13Popsicle_14Popsicle_15Popsicle_16Popsicle_17Popsicle_18Popsicle_19Popsicle_20Popsicle_21

PS – Have to share that those boots are Henry’s father’s from when he was a kiddo… How cute/special/awesome is that?!?!


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Based in Los Angeles, California
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