Having rapport with your photographer is important. It’s like dating. If we go on our first date (aka photo shoot) and everyone lets their guard down and has fun, we all walk away feeling good and I know that I will probably be seeing you again. But, in the rare event that something feels “off” and we just aren’t meshing, I am not afraid to say that I might not be the photographer for you. It happens, not everyone is meant for everyone.

Thankfully, when I met this family – it was love at first site on all fronts. They were pregnant with their first baby and they were both, quite literally, glowing. Their energy was calm and full of love. We danced around a field at golden hour, and then laughed as we spent a fair amount of time picking the stickers out of her dress afterward. But there was chemistry. We all vibed.

Now every time I see them, we pick up where we left off and create more magic together. And, even though photo shoots with kids aren’t “easy” per say, there are many elements about them that should be… like connecting with your photographer.


Hello! I am so glad you're here. Thank you for taking the time to look at my work. There are few things in this world that make me happier than taking pictures. For me, the purest joy comes with creating art from everyday life.


Based in Los Angeles, CA

Available for travel worldwide.


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Based in Los Angeles, California
Available for travel worldwide

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