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[JOSHUA TREE] It’s been a while since I’ve shared a personal post here, and I still struggle with should I/shouldn’t I… but people keep telling me I should, and I don’t have it in me to start another website, so here I am.

We stopped calling them “vacations” when we became parents, now they are just “trips”. We take trips.

I mean, just the thought of all the packing and coordinating (and whining) that goes into these trips makes me need a drink… but then I think about how some of my favorite childhood memories are from our family camping trips. I still love looking through those pictures. So I force my husband and my kids to go away with me, to picturesque places, so we can take cool photos. Even though they probably won’t remember any of it, these pictures will serve as proof that we did fun stuff. And hopefully someday they will appreciate it.

Venice is almost 4, Atlas is almost 1 and our first born, Bixby dog, just turned 11. It was a little chaotic, and I didn’t get to take as many pictures with my fancy camera as I had hoped – you know, always trying to master the “taking pictures and actually being present with my kids” balance – but the home we stayed in was gorgeous and we had a blast, so I call that a win.

Here are some highlights from our TRIP to Joshua Tree.


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