Tour de Dress

[PARIS] What do you do when you go to Paris for your best friend’s wedding? Why, a photo shoot of course!! I don’t shoot weddings and I was maid of honor, so I proposed a “trash the dress” session… buuuut then we found her dress, and well, it was just too gorgeous to “trash”. So, we decided to call this a Tour de Dress session. Every bride wants an excuse to put that dress back on one more time, and why not do it a couple days after the wedding when you can really relax, have fun and not worry if it gets a little wrecked. Besides, that dress needed to be seen by all – you’re welcome Paris.

Of course, I envisioned a glorious sunshine-filled day like we had all week, instead we got rain… But you know what, as everything else in life, it worked out the way it was supposed to. It cleared up for a few moments when we needed it to and it was perfect. And, there is just something about rain that feels really romantic and lovely. This is as much as I could narrow it down to share. Needless to say, I’m obsessed with this session, it was so much fun and I am happy to travel more if any other couples want to fly me away with them to do something similar! Enjoy. 😉



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Based in Los Angeles, California
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